quiver and colophon

(updated March 30, 2023)


  • Web hosting and CMS: I use the Ghost (Pro) Starter Plan for both hosting and as my content management system. On March 17, 2023, I migrated from Wordpress to Ghost for two simple reasons: (a) user interface and (b) speed.
  • Theme: Dawn by Ghost, it's one of the free themes and it's simple... I'd love to add an archives page though. I'm on the Starter Plan, so I don't get to make any customizations
  • Font: Modern sans-serif, clean and minimal and, again, not many choices here given the entry level Ghost plan
  • Brand color: #ef3e4a

tech quiver | hardware

MacBook Pro (14-inch, 2021) with the Apple M1 Pro chip, 16 gigs of RAM, and 1TB SSD. It’s sometimes connected to a 34-inch curved monitor, an Apple Magic Keyboard (with keypad), and a Microsoft Surface Precision mouse. Everything is silver(ish) so it feels congruent and simple.

tech quiver | apps

  • Obsidian: experimenting with this app since January 2023 and currently using it for all things note-taking, including writing blog posts
  • Todoist: at risk of being discontinued, since I don't get to complete any of the tasks I add to it
  • Feedly: RSS reader of choice
  • Readwise
  • Readwise Reader: supplanted Pocket, attempted to also supplant Feedly, but it's not there yet in terms of capabilities and aesthetics
  • Notion: at risk of being discontinued if the Obsidian experiment works well
  • Lightroom Classic and Lightroom
  • Magnet: great mini app for organizing content in MacOs
  • Day One: private journal